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How to Choose Daily Contact Lenses

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Are you looking for an alternative to glasses, maybe something that doesn’t obstruct your field of vision? Try contact lenses. Transitioning between glasses to contact lenses or considering contact lenses for the first time requires some thought and help from your eye doctor. 

Some people just prefer the convenience of using daily contact lenses. But for optimum visual health, a contact lens exam is vital for your optometrist to cater to your specific vision needs. So how do you choose daily contact lenses? 


Contact lenses are a type of eye care item. It’s generally a thin ring made of plastic worn in the outermost layer of the eye (cornea), which can provide vision correction. You get monthly, bi-monthly, and daily contact lenses. 

Daily contact lenses or dailies are disposable or for ‘single-use’ only. They are typically thin with high water content. You wear a fresh pair in the morning and throw them away at the end of the day. 

Daily contact lenses may be right for you if:

  • You want a hassle-free contact lens experience
  • You suffer from allergies or dry eye
  • You are more susceptible to an eye infection
  • You are wearing contact lenses for the first time
  • You want to change your eye color
  • You require vision correction
  • You have an active lifestyle and play sports


Contact lenses come in 2 types of material:

  1. Soft: The material is soft, clear, and has a flexible plastic dome that is more comfortable and allows oxygen to pass through.  
  2. Hard: Also called rigid gas permeable (RGP), these contact lenses are more durable, last longer, and provide clearer vision. 

Here is a list of some daily disposable contact lenses and what they offer:

CooperVision MyDay Lenses

  • All-day comfort
  • Easy lens insertion and removal
  • Breathable lens

CooperVision Proclear

  • Corrective lens prescription, including astigmatism
  • Features phosphorylcholine that attracts water for healthy eye hydration

Dailies Total 1

  • Excellent comfort 
  • Breathable 
  • The surface has over 80% water

Precision 1

  • The surface has over 80% water
  • Improved comfort 
  • Better hydration 
  • Class 1 UV blocking 
  • Easy to wear 
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Contact lenses are an alternative to wearing glasses and becoming more popular due to their health benefits and convenience. Here are some benefits of wearing daily contact lenses:

Low Maintenance

Daily contact lenses don’t require any cleaning regime, maintenance, or storing as you dispose of them at the end of the day. It also eliminates the need for solutions and cases. 


Daily contact lenses are thinner and thus more comfortable. They are easier to put on and take off, making them an easy purchase for those who intend on wearing them less often. 

Active Lifestyle

For those who play sports or live an active lifestyle, dailies are more convenient, can be removed, and replaced as needed, with a clean feel every time. 

Eye Health

With daily contact lenses, there is no accumulation of substances and deposits from your eyes on contact lenses. It reduces your risk of irritation and getting inflammation or an infection. 

For sensitivity to the lens material, some daily contact lenses come with high water content and increased oxygen permeability for added comfort and reduced irritation. 

Colored Contacts

Colored contact lenses can change your eye color and provide a different look. You can get colored daily contact lenses for prescription and non-corrective purposes. But all contact lenses, corrective or not, need a prescription and proper fitting by an eye doctor. 


Daily contact lenses can be cost-effective if you don’t need to wear them that often or only on special occasions. You also won’t need to buy a contact lens solution with dailies. 

Convenient for Travel

Daily contact lenses make traveling light without the fuss of carrying along lens solution. 


Daily lenses are worn daily before disposing and replacing them with a new one. They fit comfortably on the eye and require little care. They also come in different prescriptions to accommodate different vision needs.

Before choosing daily contact lenses, you should get a proper contact lens exam. The optometrists at Griffin Optometric Group can provide a contact lens fitting to determine the right lens for a prescription or your lifestyle. Request an appointment to book your contact lens exam today. 

Written by Total Vision

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