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What Are Neurolens Glasses?

Neurolens glasses are designed to address digital eye strain caused by misaligned or unsynchronized eyes. Unlike traditional lenses that correct focusing power individually, Neurolens take into account how your eyes work together as a team.

Our eye doctors in San Clemente work with you to help reduce stress on your visual system and improve your symptoms like headaches, eye strain, and neck pain.

Contact us to schedule your appointment and see if Neurolens is right for you.

Why Neurolens?

Traditional eyeglasses address how light refracts into the eye, but they don’t address eye misalignment. If your eyes aren’t working together efficiently, it can lead to a cascade of uncomfortable symptoms.

While the cost of Neurolens lenses is slightly higher than traditional lenses, the potential relief from headaches, eye strain, and other symptoms can make them a worthwhile investment for many people.

What Is Eye Misalignment (Binocular Vision Disorder)?

Eye misalignment, also known as binocular vision disorder (BVD), occurs when the eyes are not perfectly synchronized, leading to discomforts such as: 

  • Headaches
  • Eye strain
  • Neck pain

Neurolenses are specifically designed to address this condition by bringing the eyes into proper alignment, reducing the associated symptoms and providing comfortable vision.

Addressing Headaches, Eye Strain, & Neck Pain

By addressing the root cause of headaches, eye strain, and neck pain discomforts, Neurolens offers a comprehensive solution for individuals experiencing digital eye strain and related symptoms.

How Quickly Will Symptoms Improve?

Many individuals experience relief from symptoms shortly after wearing Neurolens glasses. The improvement timeline may vary from person to person, but the innovative design of Neurolens aims to provide quick alleviation of discomfort associated with eye misalignment and digital eye strain.

The Neurolens Assessment

Eye alignment assessments help our eye doctors evaluate whether Neurolens is suitable for your specific needs and provide personalized recommendations for addressing digital eye strain and discomfort.

See If Neurolens Is Right for You at Total Vision

Seek relief from digital eye strain and discomfort by scheduling a Neurolens assessment at Total Vision Griffin Optometric Group. 

Our team can determine if Neurolens is the right solution for your eye misalignment. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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